Hysteria Records' fifth release of 2016 sees the return of Hysteria regular, Aylen. Following the release of 'Rafiki' and 'How I Roll', a collaboration with production duo Baewatch, the talented producer is teaming up with Hysteria to bring you his latest single, 'ZaZu'.

The gentle build up with a heavy kick and a deep bass quickly turns out to be deceitful as we are treated to a drop with aggressive vocals that releases a highly energetic, pulsating synth. Here we are reminded of Aylen's trademark wizardry. The break treats the listener to a dark, infectious melody befitting the title for a moment of relaxation that doesn't last long as the energy is quickly build up again for a second drop to finish it off. Highly energetic and a great example of Aylen's creative excellence, 'ZaZu' is ready to energize crowds worldwide.