Hysteria EP Vol. 3


The opening track, 'Rewind', is brought to you by Australia's “go to guy” for guaranteed dancefloor heat, J-Trick. Cutting through the masses of young electronic music producers like a knife through butter, J-Trick has quickly risen to the top with a consistent flow of quality original productions and remixes. With a sound firmly planted in the realms of club driven electro, J-Trick has already gained enormous success well beyond his years. 'Rewind' is a showcase of this background, mixing futuristic dirty synths, heavy kicks and a deep bass with a powerful electro break.

The second mind-blowing track comes from another Australian: Boss of Vacation Records, Two time #1 act/remixer (on Beatport) and Hysteria regular, Bass Kleph. Just like his two previous releases on the Hysteria label, 'That's What's Up' and 'Scream', 'Damn Fucking Right' combines a hard-hitting bassline and heavy percussion with aggressive vocals. Not content with only being a writer/producer, Bass Kleph also focused on taking the live/DJ crossover to a new level with his NI Maschine performances. With hundreds of gigs checked off on his agenda, from the coolest clubs to the biggest festival stages, he has crafted and perfected the art of DJ'ing and playing live. All while developing his own unique style and experience along the way.

For the final track, Hysteria Records and Italian electro/progressive duo Dirty Ducks are taking listeners back to the Golden Age of music with 'Le Swing'. Its highly infectious melody is a homage to the classical swing of the 30's and the break, with its classic drums and trumpets, perfectly captures the Big Band style that became so massively popular almost a century ago, without losing touch with the here-and-now through the addition of a sharp kick and crisp percussion. 'Le Swing' is passion in black and white. United by their love for producing and DJ'ing, Dirty Ducks started releasing remixes and bootlegs in 2012, achieving great success. The will to experiment, to create something new, to amaze and to entertain the crowd has quickly seen their popularity rise. Appreciated for their ever changing and improving dj sets, they transmit their energy playing different musical genres, keeping the sets always actual and consistent.

Bass Kleph

Dirty Ducks