Hysteria EP Vol. 5


October is coming and that means Team Hysteria is in full preparation for our Bingo Players & Friends Party at Amsterdam Dance Event. Do you  know what that also means? That's right; It's time for a fresh Hysteria EP! Volume 5 is jam-packed: For the first time ever we have selected not 3, but 4 dope tunes to bring to you.

We are kicking off the EP with the guys of Oomloud and their track 'Break Dat'. In tradition to their previous songs 'Tic Toc' (with Bingo Players) and their EP, which featured the songs 'Getchu' and 'Throwback', 'Break Dat' is another cracking tune that is not shy on the bass. Add a shredding synth that rips through the sound stage plus some infectious vocals and you get the next winner from the Dutch duo.

The second track sees Hysteria Family freshman Gabriele Giudici bring the 'Grime Shit'. Like its names promises, this dark-vibed track is filled with aggressive vocals, distorted synths and tight percussion.

The third track comes from the minds of Dirty Ducks, who dazzled us all with their stylish 'Le Swing' on Hysteria EP Vol. 3. Now, they return with 'Medusa', an energy filled banger with a pounding kick. But no worries, this won't turn anybody to stone: It will get those dance floors pumping instead!

Closing the EP are Hysteria regulars Subshock & Evangelos who take on Slatin with 'Hold Up'. This wonderfully weird and original track is one you just have to hear to believe. Creative use of sounds across the board made this song an instant favorite at Hysteria HQ. The funky break really is the cherry on top.

Dirty Ducks