Robin Aristo EP


Team Hysteria is always looking for talent with a fresh sound. So when we first heard the demos of Robin Aristo, it's an understatement to say we were impressed!

This up-and-coming Dutch DJ/producer's passion for music was unbelievably big from the moment he was just a little kid living in the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam. Listening to dance music every day while growing up fueled his inspiration for making his own songs and since then he can be found in his studio nearly every day.

We' picked two songs from Robin's repertoire that we feel best showcase the skills of this young artist: 'Kick The Funk' and 'Yo Freak'. With their punchy kicks, clean use of percussion, energetic synths and tantalizing vocals, both tracks ooze that classic house vibe crowds have come to love. Vibrant and electric, these tunes are sure to light up the dance floor.

Robin Aristo