On The Sly


Rutger van Gelder van born in Enschede (Holland), screaming so loud during his birth the doctors immediately noticed this little kid really wanted to be heard. His career started with local events, followed by a variety of nightclubs and developed to a massive amount of different parties.

While his DJ career developed, his producing skills grew too, fabricating tracks and remixes in all sorts of genres, supported by the biggest DJ's to walk the Earth.

Nowadays, he performs in various clubs and on a variety of events across The Netherlands and beyond, letting crowds reach their zenith with groovy house-based DJ sets.

Van Gelder's first release on Hysteria, 'On The Sly', is a prime example of his talent. Combining classic sounds, groovy beats and dazzling vocals using revolutionary techniques, this DJ is about to change the nightlife as you know it.

Rutger van Gelder