Get Ready


Hysteria Records is excited to bring you this release by Hysteria Family newcomers Subshock & Evangelos. The young coalition formed connecting Spain and Belgium and, after only a year of working together is already becoming one of the most representative formations of the new wave of Spanish EDM Producers/DJs. For this release the duo is teaming up with fellow new additions to the Hysteria Family, Cyberpunkers, a project that was born in 2006, from the passion of Cyberpunk culture shared by two Italian DJ’s. The group aims to give a fresh start to this style. A transposition of the Cyberpunk world in modern clubbing.

Together with Hysteria Records, this talented group is bringing you 'Get Ready', a no holds barred smasher combining a futuristic sound with a familiar old school house feel. Filled with heavy synths and kicks, clean percussion and a wide variety of vocal samples, this track is destined to be a favorite among partygoers everywhere!